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Mocca – The Exquisite Lunch

  I've been to Mocca before but just for coffee and their famous brownie. They serve pretty decent breakfast and lunch/dinner as well. However, this time, they invited me to try their food and review it. I was told to get a friend along and the food was totally on them which was actually very very generous of them! 🙂 Sneaked out of office during my lunch break with… Continue reading Mocca – The Exquisite Lunch

My Cookbook

Grilled/Baked Fish with veggies

I know I hardly post recipes here which I should start doing because I'm not that bad a cook (I think). So, I'm here with a recipe of fish that's different from the usual traditional fish we generally make at home. It is simple yet flavourful. 🐟 I make it this way because I'm not a… Continue reading Grilled/Baked Fish with veggies

Food Gossips

Mint-Chip Cookies – Frostings and Sprinkles

Looks like the entire world is on a mission to make me fat, or is it just myself eating up everything sweet like a monster? I've been receiving quite a few PR packages these days. One of them was from Frostings and Sprinkles. This beautiful girl, Radhia Shafi, is a self-taught baker who runs a home-based, online… Continue reading Mint-Chip Cookies – Frostings and Sprinkles

Food Gossips

GreenO – New Menu, Organic Coffee

GreenO is my most favourite, go-to place for juices and smoothies. Absolutely love how healthy and hygienic they are and the best part is that they add all the ingredients in front of you. It's always the perfect, guilt-free meal (snack too, sometimes) whenever I crave for something sweet. Helps me achieve my health goals without… Continue reading GreenO – New Menu, Organic Coffee

Food Gossips

Sugar Rush Baking : Brownies & Chit-chat

Most exciting thing about this blogpost: the owner of Sugar Rush Baking and I share the same name! 😀 So, this girl, Bisma, had been wanting to send me her brownies for a very long time. She introduced her new fudge brownies last week and sent me a batch (lucky to be the first one to try those out!) About the… Continue reading Sugar Rush Baking : Brownies & Chit-chat

Food Gossips

Chaupal – The Desi Exotic Buffet

Buffets are usually a no for me when it comes to dining out as I get full very easily. I think, a person cannot consume so much and supposedly à la carte is a safer option with the plus point of taking your leftover food home.👀 However, if you look for variety and have a good appetite, then buffet is obviously the best option! A few days… Continue reading Chaupal – The Desi Exotic Buffet

Food Gossips

Karachi Eat’18: Eat. Eat. Eat.

I had never been to Karachi Eat, will the society accept me? 😮 (my emotional drama never ends) I was either busy with my exams or used to be under the weather during this time of the year but this year I decided not to miss it (consider it a well-achieved New Year Resolution!). The reviews coming in were very disappointing and were forcing me to stay… Continue reading Karachi Eat’18: Eat. Eat. Eat.